TBKART’s Racing Team is the structure designated to apply the technical competencies of the company in national and international competitions, which also provides fertile ground for experimenting and testing the Italian company’s technological solutions, while promoting its continuous progress.In addition to providing the quality of TBKART products, the Racing Department staff provides its drivers a set of tools and services that can develop their talent, supporting them in their quest for success.


To ensure maximum efficiency

TBKART’s Racing Team has all the resources necessary to support the activities of a Racing Department constantly engaged in the scene of international karting competitions. With dedicated itinerantand modular structures, TBKART is able to operate with maximum efficiency in each competition field.This aspect is a priority in a sport in which speed and precision count on the track as well as in the paddock. Additionally, boasting many years of experience in the division, TBKART Racing Team has developed effective techniques, capable of guaranteeing maximum professionalism in every stage of the race.


To exploit the benefits of technology

Aware of their value, TBKART’s Racing Team makes great use of all the major tools useful for collecting and analyzing data about the performance of its karts and drivers while on the track.This approach allows the dynamic behavior of the karts to be analyzed and observed in every detail, relating it to the performance of the karts and drivers. Added to these aspects is the extensive experience of TBKART Racing Team’s staff who provides drivers with practical thoughts and ideas that allow them to correctly read and interpret the data, so that they can later apply the lessons deriving from it.


To sharpen driving skills

Just as in the company, the human factor remains at the heart of TBKART Racing Team as well. With thesupport of highly qualified technicians with a strong background as professional drivers, which includes team manager Simone Brenna, the Racing Department offers an all-around assistance to drivers of all experience levels. By assessing their specific case and proposing tailor-made learning programs, the team is able to get each individual athlete to reach his or her full potential.By supporting the driver with theoretical lessons, practical advice, intensive training and debriefing sessions, the margin for growth… Has no limits.
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